Monday, November 7, 2016

Lion Plays

Lion got the cherry bomb toy away from Possum. Lion, being only 3, has plenty of energy to burn. He is our best-trained hunter; his mother must have taught him all of her tricks when he was a baby, living outside in southern Maine. 

He knows how to kill things. It helps that he looks vicious and scary. Those little black pointy ears would terrify anybody, wouldn't they?

Lion in action. I'm sorry this is blurry:

I could shoot video instead, but then we'd all have to sit around, eating candy while we waited for them to take FOREVER to load. And what's the use of THAT?

Candy, did I say? Well, hmm.

Lion also has sharp, terrifying teeth and intimidating whiskers:

I'm not sure how we manage to survive with such a dangerous predator in the house.

I'm not sure we could survive without him, either.


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