Sunday, November 13, 2016

Mrs. Party-Pants

Here's a rare shot of Wendy lounging. She usually runs off if I come into the room when she's relaxing like this. But she must have been too sleepy on this particular night — or else she is learning to trust me more.

Ha ha. No way.

Wendy's calico markings always interest me since I seldom get a chance to study and enjoy them up close. She is a mix of solid black and orange tabby, so her orange spots are striped, and she has has some of the distinctive "M" on her forehead, although her black and white fur gets in its way.

Seen from behind, she has three bold, black and white stripes down one back leg, and three corresponding orange and white stripes on the other. The three bands line up across her backside for a harlequin effect. I've been trying to get a photo of her "party pants" forever. She also has black polkadots on each of her feet and even some her pads are bicolored, pink and black together.

Wendy has such festive, amusing fur that you might expect her to be a correspondingly exuberant, outgoing cat.

But you'd be wrong.


  1. Wendy may just be sandbagging! Pretending to be shy, quiet, introverted...but when no one is watching, she's all over the place! LOL!

  2. Stop expecting her to run, you are putting that energy out there into her.. if you are constantly sending run from me vibes to her, she's just going to keep running from you..

    1. Wouldn't you and the DH like a fun project? We'd be delighted to bring her up for a little stay with you.

    2. And often the only reason I know Wendy is in a room is because I see her streaking away from whatever cozy spot she was in. So I'm not convinced I'm always sending "flee" vibes to her. She often attracts my attention by making a run for it. Yet she's often a foot or so away from me and my dinner plate. Until I reach out to her. I apparently exude a powerful counter-magnetic force that repels her when I'm still several inches away.


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