Sunday, November 6, 2016

Possum Plays

As Top Cat in our household, Possum tries to appear regal and dignified — whenever he's awake, anyhow. (And I think cats consider showing off their bellies to be dignified, for reasons we should ponder and perhaps consider adopting for ourselves.)

Playing with toys is not regal or dignified, so Possum doesn't do it very often when we are watching. I was able to document his activity with a red plush "cherry bomb" tied to a long ribbon because he hasn't been able to resist it from the time he was a kitten. 

Holding it firmly under his paw:

Looking around to make sure he is not observed:


His vigorous exercise lasted maybe 5 seconds, which is about average for his exercise sessions. And that's still more than I get these days, since I don't count walking.

Moments later he was back to looking dignified. His pleading eyes are begging me not to post these photos on my blog. But he is still spending way too much time fawning over my husband these days instead of me, so I am exacting revenge.


  1. I continue to love your posts! and walking counts!

  2. Possum, the crossed paws and the pleading eyes would have worked on me, just sayin'!


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