Sunday, November 20, 2016

Possum's New Apartment

All of our local supermarkets stopped carrying Arm & Hammer unscented cat litter, the only kind we use. The shelves are now filled with Arm & Hammer's new "Clump & Seal" litter, which has perfume, along with scented versions of the original formula. I feel sorry for all of the cats of the Boston area; I don't know if I need to feel sorry for cats across the nation (and I'm already feeling sorry for every human who cares about, you know, tolerance, democracy, freedom, social services, equality, and that stuff, so I'm already pretty busy). 

Anyway, cats' noses are far, far more sensitive than ours, and I'll bet many unenlightened locals are wondering why their cats have not been using their boxes reliably these days. If there's an uptick in the number of cats being taken to shelters over this, it will be sad indeed. 

We can still get the original, unscented litter we've always used via Amazon, so we order a half-dozen 14- and 20-pound boxes every few weeks. I think it's cheaper than buying it in stores. But the poor delivery men.

The lucky cats:

The delivery cartons make great apartments. And as you can see, they even come nicely furnished with coordinating bedding. Possum's new apartment even has a deck:

Possum has frequent guests, although only one cat can fit inside at a time. (Back Bay apartments are notorious for being small.) He lets his friends hang out in it when he isn't home. And Wendy is allowed to park her beloved green snake near his deck. 

He had a visit from Lion the other day:

I thought there might be some friction because Lion wanted Possum's comfortable, crunchy bed.

But I was wrong:

Possum got a nice head bath. It seems he is one of those spendy consumers who pay hairdressers to make house calls.


  1. We've been use Fresh Step Unscented. It clumps and Mr.White seems to track less litter everywhere. We like it.

    1. Thank you for the tip! I've been worried A&H will phase out that litter and I'm going to need a good replacement.

  2. We gave up all scented litters ages ago; the humans couldn't stand the perfumey smells that filled up the house. Possum looks very content in the new apartment!


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