Wednesday, November 23, 2016


It rained last Tuesday, and I forgot it was one of the last Tuesdays when the farmers' market would be happening in Copley Square. Around 3:30 I remembered, and put on my raincoat in hopes of buying a loaf of bread. We love the hearty, nutty, "Seeded Levain" from BirchTree Bread Company in Worcester, and they are only at the market on Tuesdays. They have pretty much ruined us as far as enjoying other wholegrain breads and we are cranky and bereft now that the market has ended for the season. (They sell their bread through the winter at the Somerville indoor market on Saturdays, and I hope we can manage to get there now and then.)

My jeans, boots, and socks were soaked by the time I'd walked a block or two. I kept going, hoping there'd still be a farmer's market when I got to Copley Square. It was 4 o'clock and nearly dark when I arrived in time to see the last sellers loading their trucks to leave early. Only two organic produce stands were still toughing it out. No bread. So I slogged to Trader Joe's with my trusty leather boots squishing from all the water inside. I have rain boots but, of course, the rain had let up until just after I left the house so I didn't bother to put them on. Then it returned to a downpour.

When I got home, I was sodden. After I changed into dry clothes I was amused to see what I'd bought besides rolls for dinner:

Cheese (for mac and cheese), chocolate, pastry, and roses. Indulgences that soothe me in bad times. They will help me recover from the election and provide a little comfort over the next four (it had better not be eight) years.

My boots were still drying three days later. A week later, I can report that the mac and cheese was excellent, a few of the roses are still barely alive, and we still have some chocolate and some babka leftover, but not for long.

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