Thursday, December 1, 2016

Fenway Open Studios: Creative Spaces. Part 2

This studio belongs to a Russian artist whose work blends folk art , surrealism, icons, and symbols. I also see influences of Botticelli and Chagall. 

This young, self-taught artist makes stunning collages that incorporate paper ephemera with her own travel photography and painting. 

Here's part of her work table:

Her living room has a hammock:

This artist is both a painter and sculptor. Also a collector, I'd say:

His brushes:

His paints are arranged by color:

Paint tubes fill a bookcase; everything in the space seems organized, there's just a lot.

This painter's studio felt more like equal parts workspace and home, with plenty of clear floor space and a comfortable dog. Notice his crate under her work table:

Her compact living room is tucked in next to the staircase.



  1. Everyone needs to have good tools.

  2. Thanks for the tour of these wonderful spaces. I love being able to peek inside - and your photos of tools of the trade are just right!


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