Sunday, December 4, 2016

Scenes from Possum's Apartment

I'm getting tired of Possum's apartment taking up space in the living room, but I've been outvoted. Everyone but Wendy hangs out in it, often to Possum's ire.

Here is his eviction process for an unwanted tenant, Toffee. It starts with intimidation:

Moves onto violence:

And ends in a standoff because Toffee contacted Legal Aid and learned he has 30 days to vacate the premises under Massachusetts Tenant Law:

Lion was next in line for the apartment:

He didn't have a lease; he was just subletting. So no wonder he looks nervous:

Whenever the apartment is empty, Harris makes himself right at home:

One day, I discovered that the apartment had been renovated. The "studio" had been folded down over the "porch" so it was more enclosed, with a smaller doorway. Suddenly Toffee and Harris fit, but Possum didn't:

This morning, we discovered that Possum's apartment is actually a mobile home:


  1. I have had a 4'x2' box in my living room for a year now. I was supposed to stay a week last year, then until the end of the year. Here we are over a year later...

  2. LOL! It's a kind of performance art, with each kitty adding their particular take on the apartment.

  3. LOL at mobile home..

    I think Lion is going for Squatters Rights.

  4. LOL! I just love how you describe Possum's aparment. The last part of it being a mobile home had me laughing really hard :D My cats love the thick sturdy boxes I get from BJs.


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