Friday, December 23, 2016

The Gingerbread House at Wilson Farm

We always look forward to visiting Wilson Farm around every holiday but especially Christmas, when they go all out — the outdoor area becomes a forest of cut trees from standard to exotic (from California, not Canada). In the greenhouse there are poinsettias, cyclamens, and other Christmas flowers. And of course they have pine roping, bundles of branches, holly, wreaths, and all the makings to decorate .They sell wreaths made entirely of holly — ouch!

They also sell little decorated boxwood trees:

This year, the "Wilson Farm Bakery" gingerbread house attracted our attention, sitting above a display of smaller houses for sale: 

Look inside one corner to see pastries. I was surprised to see ceiling lights:

The other side had breads and more cake:

The outside of the house was as good as the inside. Nice use of candy canes to support the awnings:

Are the roof tiles Necco Wafers?

Wilson Farm went to town on the holiday cupcakes and loaf cakes this year, too. Do the white-and-blue ones on the lower shelf depict polar bears in bathtubs?

The Rudolph and Santa cupcakes were very cute, too:

In case you want something besides sugar, Wilson Farm is a farm, and they sell plenty of very good produce (local and not) as well as bread, meat, cheese, prepared foods, and groceries inside their big barn, which has sawdust on the floor:

I hope we will use New Year's as an excuse to visit again.

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