Thursday, January 5, 2017

A Box of Harris

I'm sorry to tell you that Possum's deluxe new duplex apartment was condemned, taken by eminent domain, and demolished last night. Here it is in happier times:

 The ground floor had developed structural weaknesses, so it kept collapsing at inconvenient times, depositing whatever cat was lounging in the penthouse onto the floor. The racket made the other four cats stampede. After that happened four of five times, often when we were asleep, we landlords had to take action. 

Here's a souvenir: a photo series of Harris from above, doing what he does best — showing off:


  1. bummer - sounds like you need to sue the builder and have it replaced :)

  2. So much gorgeous floofiness MUST be shown off, Possum! Time for a new set of architects, to build a longer lasting cardboard cat condo. Around here, sometimes a human accidentally kicking the dining room table let, will start a cat stampede, complete with claw marks in the wooden floor!

  3. You obviously need a contractor to come over and make a new structurally sound apartment.

    and goodness he is a handsome mancat..


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