Monday, January 16, 2017

A Find

A strange thing happened on Saturday. We went to an open house in our neighborhood. We went out of habit, curious to see why it was so overpriced. There were three fireplaces, high ceilings, and bay windows, so we should have loved it but we didn't. It had a grand living room; a big, awkward kitchen; a large bedroom; and a teeny-tiny one that worked better as a closet.

The agent had left the place empty instead of going to the trouble and expense of staging it with safe, neutral furnishings, fresh flowers, and so on. She and the sellers were betting on a quick sale. 

I was in the bathroom, which was tiled in a fussy way I didn't like. I don't know why I opened the medicine cabinet in that empty apartment, but I did. I often check out closets to see how spacious they are but I rarely open medicine cabinets or even kitchen cabinets unless I'm seriously interested.

The cabinet was mirrored inside and empty, except for a pair of diamond earrings in the corner of a shelf.

I have always dreamed of finding 1) diamonds, 2) a body floating in the Charles, and 3) a valuable painting or antique selling on the cheap. Those are my three remaining life goals for found objects, since I've already found a great husband and some amazing deals on Ferragamo shoes. (I've also found four or five wallets and purses, which were always easy and gratifying to return.)

The diamonds were middle-sized studs, maybe a carat or so in total weight, so worth at least a couple thousand dollars if they were real, and I think they were. They looked a lot like my own studs. It would kill me to lose them.

I felt both pleased and disappointed. I'd always imagined finding a (huge) diamond in the dirt, or on a sidewalk or a beach, where I had a better chance of being able to keep it. The earrings would be a cinch to return to their owner.

I found the agent and asked her if she knew there were diamonds in the medicine cabinet. I led her to the bathroom and showed her. She had no idea what they were doing in there, in an empty apartment. She took them, thanked me, and said she'd ask the seller about them. Then she said that, if there was a reward, she'd "split it" with me. How generous!

Now I'm wondering if she will talk to the seller. She seemed as amazed that I didn't steal them as she was about my finding them in the first place, so I'm a bit dubious of her good intentions. I will call her later this week and ask how the story ends. I could also locate the seller and ask if she got them back.

 I'll keep you posted.

PS: I wondered briefly if the earrings were fakes, planted to catch a thief who robs open houses, but why put them in a totally empty apartment where a thief will quickly see there's nothing to take and leave for better pickings? And if they were planted, the agent should have said so, rather than act surprised.


  1. Seriously, someone left diamond earrings behind in an empty house?!? Wild! My husband found someone's shovel in the alley, and when the guy who owned it got it back, he was over the moon with happiness! Guess he loved his shovel more than someone wanted those!

  2. that is so odd. Little surprised the agent didn't look in there first.

  3. a curious situation. I wonder if the earrings have been returned now!?


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