Monday, January 2, 2017

Christmas Scenes

We're still in the Twelve Days of Christmas but don't ask me to count which day it is because it's after 11 and I'm very tired and grumpy. (So the Republicans think they don't need an Ethics Office? What? WHAT?)  

But I digress. It's still Christmas by some stretch of the imagination, so I am going to post some of the photos I didn't get around to showing you when they happened last month.

First, the tiny tree in the kitchen at the Gibson House Museum on Beacon Street. I love this tree, and it needed redecorating this year, so I used every tiny ornament we had:

And those cookies were real and very tasty. This was taken at the holiday open house (where there were many, many cookies in another room).

Here's Possum, lounging in his Santa hat, planning excursions on the long-desired bicycle rickshaw that never arrived from Santa Paws:

As usual, I was coerced into agreeing to a Christmas tree closer to 8 feet than the 10-footer I always demand request. I retaliated compensated by putting enough ornaments on it for two trees. I admit it is a beautiful tree . . . even if the top of the angel's head is more than a foot from the ceiling.

Oh, well, there's always next year.

I like to decorate our two mantels with lights, greens and some of my many little Christmas trees as well as glittered pinecones and glass spheres and paperweights. Then we live in suspense for a few weeks, wondering if any of the cats [Harris] will explore and wreck the whole jerry-rigged arrangement. 

So far so good:

Toffee acts like a gentleman now, not the hooligan he was as a kitten, climbing Christmas trees and eating Christmas lights while they were plugged in. Look at how dignified he is:

Okay, Toffee. Fine. Whatever. WHAT FUN IS THAT?

Here are the cats' stockings. They love springs and sparkle balls. But they didn't love the six-pack of freeze-dried, still-furry, rabbit ears that our local pet store recommended. They were utterly disgusting. I was more than happy to give them to a dog.

Everyone starts posing adorably for the front of our Christmas card . . . as soon as the Christmas card is finished being designed and is being printed:

PS: I was just about to post this when Harris decided to investigate the mantel. I yelled. He jumped off the chair, jumped on the other chair, and tried to attack the mantel from the other side. I yelled:

He obeyed me very slowly and got down. Then he started attacking ornaments on tree.

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  1. Apparently Harris doesn't believe in the 12 days of Christmas and thinks it should be over by now.

    I love your tree, I can't even begin to imagine how you would get a 10 footer up those stairs and into your home though..


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