Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Lovers of Liberty

Let's all take a tiny break from reading and thinking about all the ugliness happening in our government these days. Let's look at some flowers. Then we can go back to worrying, signing petitions, subscribing to fact-based news sites, and calling our representatives.

Betsy DeVos? Are you kidding me?????


Scandal is one of our guilty pleasures, although we missed the season premiere last week and will watch it on iTunes. Kerry Washington's outfits alone make it entertaining, but there are a few other characters who steal scenes whenever they open their mouths. For some reason, I've thinking a lately about my one of my favorites, Sally Langston, talk-show host and ex-vice president. She is played to drawling, colorful perfection by Kate Burton, Sir Richard's daughter. Sally is a southern conservative, a Christian fundamentalist, and a classic pro-lifer. So, naturally, she helped her pregnant teenage daughter have an abortion. Years later, while running for president, she murdered her husband for having an affair with a man. Then she went bonkers from guilt. This took the form of confessional ravings that were almost Shakespearean in their language and looniness.

Oh, for the days when we had such experienced, decent people running our government.

Now, where were we? Oh yes — as Sally Langston always addresses her TV talk show audience: "Lovers of Liberty!"

Let's look at this spring's Liberty Art Fabrics collection from J. Crew. You can find everything that is currently available in one place right here:

Right now, I'm surprised to see this Isborella print Perfect Shirt from last summer back in the sale section today. It sold out long ago, so these last few strays won't last long. After admiring it at full price ($98) for many months and stalking the sale section for a new weeks, I was happy to get one in my size for $42.

And, of course, as soon as I had my new Liberty shirt, J. Crew came out with this spring's model, which has a navy background and a Japanese-y wildflower print that looks great over a navy-striped sailor tee. (I have too many of those.)

I took this screenshot a few days ago and I'm glad I did — this shirt is already gone, sold out. It will probably be restocked in days or weeks. Liberty Perfect Shirts are popular because they are indeed pretty perfect. I predict that this one will go on sale late in the summer; I'm a patient person. By then, my striped tees will be faded wrecks.

There are other J. Crew Liberty print shirts for women, but they tend to be "popovers" that only button at the top or have tiny ruffles and so on rather than "perfect" button-downs. Nevertheless they are beautiful.

If you have a little girl in your life, I don't see how you can resist this dress:

I have just one little boy in my life, and he's not even a year old. However, he already has more sartorial attitude (and accessories) than I've ever had, thanks to his mothers. He has already outgrown his tuxedo! Maybe I can get maternal approval to give him this Liberty tie down the road. It is sized for bigger little boys who can talk, walk, ride a bike, and code:
Back to us grownups: how about a headband in William Morris's "Strawberry Thief" fabric? It's pretty but I'm still kicking myself for missing out on J. Crew's "Strawberry Thief" baseball cap, which appeared briefly a few years ago. This is cute but it will never fill that sorrowful abyss of missed opportunity.

There's also a "Strawberry Thief" peasant blouse that looks like a strangely cute child's dress on the hanger . . .

 but like this on a model who has been expertly half-tucked:

Then there are cropped pajamas in Edenham floral — another print I've always liked. They are showing the top worn as a blouse, so perhaps that will help you justify shelling out $148 for the set. (Liberty items are usually excluded from the various sales and promotions J. Crew runs almost continuously.) 

If the pajamas are not for you, maybe this bandana is ($22.50). I'm a sucker for bandanas but I have three, so I'd better pass. . . until it goes on sale.

I'm curious to see of Liberty and Uniqlo will collaborate again this spring. If we're not in the midst of a coup or civil war by then, and if we're still allowed to have the Internet, I'll keep you posted on that. 


  1. when all else fails.. shopping is always there

  2. Liberty. One of my Happy Places. Each year I dither over their scarves. One day I'll make a decision and buy.


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