Sunday, January 15, 2017

Possum Is Possumy

Thank you to everyone who joined me in worrying over Possum and shared stories and remedies. He loves being fussed over, and it meant a lot to both of us.

Having a nap beside me. 

He seems fine. We still can't identify who has done what in the litter box but he has a good appetite and he smacked a ribbon around with me today. He is also back to being affectionate, particularly with my husband; I caught Possum sitting in his lap this morning and both acted guilty. This was shortly after I stepped on a Gift with Purchase hidden beautifully on the carpet, while I was barefoot and talking on the phone. My feet a way of finding those things.

Here is Lion trying to give Possum a workout. Lion knows that exercise is important for a healthy digestive system. Lion is both smart and kind.

I have a short movie that really shows Lion's boxing technique but Blogger won't let me post it no matter how I try.

I've given Possum slippery elm bark and he doesn't love it but will eat it if there's food stuck to it. I'll try mixing it with water next time before mixing it with his food. And I may get some psyllium or Miralax.

All this has me thinking that I should figure out how to feed everyone some raw food at least a few times a week. Some is better than none. I will research how we might do that given our tiny, packed freezer. We are lucky to have Mayflower Poultry nearby, in Cambridge. They are a good source for fresh birds and meats of all kinds and will grind to order. I just need a little more time to research supplements and figure a few things out.

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  1. I can't get the video to play. Glad things seem back to normal.. give your boy a kiss for me and tell him never to do that again


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