Saturday, January 21, 2017

Recent Adorableness: Lion

This was Lion's bed when he first came to us, but then he moved on to sleeping on our velvet chair and never looked back. So I put the bed away. I got it out the other day, thinking someone might like it  since Possum had been feeling poorly last week and Harris and Toffee are still not quite back to normal after from their dental surgeries. But it was Lion who curled up in it to recover after his own terribly traumatic vet exam — where he was admired, weighed, gently checked over, petted, and declared healthy. Then he was given a rabies shot in his tail, which I don't think he noticed.


  1. Oh Lion, such an exhausting vet visit! Glad you've found your old beddy to enjoy. Hope Harris and Toffee are feeling better, and Possum too!

  2. For an introvert that is a traumatic visit..


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