Saturday, January 7, 2017


Just when I was in the mood for it, the first snow of the season arrived today. It's been snowing since mid morning and should continue until about midnight. I took these photo from our windows around supper time.

I went out early to get a shovel and brush for clearing our parking spot and car, a few groceries, and library books. The streets were mostly empty as were the stores, and it started to snow as I headed home carrying all that.

We stayed inside all day, watching the snow, reading, napping with the cats, and watching Harris knock things off my desk. I was tempted to go out after supper to have a look around but let my husband talk me out of it. The snow will still be there tomorrow, and novelty will soon wear off. But I like New England winters to be snowy, cold, and long . . .  as long as it's cozy inside.

Tomorrow the Christmas tree and decorations will be coming down, unless we change our minds. We should try to keep Christmas in our hearts always, according to Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol. Yet we shouldn't keep it in our homes after it becomes a fire hazard. And, as usual, Harris didn't pay enough attention to the story and got the wrong idea — he's been trying to keep Christmas in his lower GI tract, by eating decorations. While I will miss the tree and the mantel decorations, it will be nice to go to bed at night again without wondering what feline catastrophe we'll wake up to in the morning.


  1. The novelty about snow wore off a couple of months ago around us! However, when one can stand outside in the quiet, as snow falls...that's a special moment. Harris, you are naughty!

  2. I always seem in a hurry to take them down, but I do miss them when they are gone.

  3. I've been taking Christmas down room by room for a few days now. Today was the tree and its decorations. I was given some very charming fox decorations this year. Scout, our daughter's cat who has retired from city life to live with us in Maine...strolled across the dining room table checking out his options as I sorted the decorations. It was nice to read that you too like to keep Christmas up awhile.


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