Saturday, January 28, 2017

The White Squirrel in the Public Garden

As I walked into the Public Garden on Thursday, I remembered seeing photos of the white squirrel that's been living there. The squirrel has been around for at least a year, but I've never spotted it, and I wanted to. So I looked around and saw a ghostly-looking squirrel right nearby:

He/she is very pretty, with dark eyes and hints of tan coloring in the tail.

I managed to get reasonably close but I still had trouble taking photos because the squirrel was so busy running around and being squirrelly. Lots of my photos look like this:

Finally he/she sat still for a second:

Then he/she started chasing and being chased by other squirrels, went up a tree and that was that:

I have to go to Beacon Hill on Monday so I will keep an eye out for a blur of white fur.


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