Monday, February 27, 2017

Connie Has Kittens!

Two tiny, scrawny, pretty kittens arrived at Connie's foster home in Maine late last week. We drove up for a visit and were surprised to find them: kittens are scarce in Maine during the winter. These siblings were driven north from Mississippi, where there is no shortage of strays at any time of year.

The brown tiger is Trina and the tabby-and-white is Max. Their fur has a beautiful golden-brown cast and they are going to be knock-outs as cats. They are both loud talkers (their Southern accent is debatable) and their purring is distractingly loud and plenteous. They are already relaxed, affectionate, and sweet, so it's pretty clear that they are going to have big, happy cat personalities. All they really need is lots of food and company (and deworming).

My photos don't do them justice, but I figure that even blurry kittens are better than no kittens. They were temporarily staying in a bathroom until Connie finished cat-sitting for a pair of former fosters in her kitten room. In such tight quarters, with three of us standing around, there wasn't much room to maneuver. They were too lively and squirmy for an iPhone camera anyway.

I like this photo best because it has diamonds as well as a kitten, two of my favorite things. This is Trina:

If only Max had been in focus:

Tiny as they are, these kittens are completely comfortable with being handled. (Did you hear that, Wendy?)

Max has a cute white "paint streak" across his nose:

Trina is going to resemble our Toffee when she grows up. She looks deceptively pensive in these photos: 

No kittens were harmed or even annoyed in taking these photos. If Connie is holding a kitten upside-down, that kitten is cool with it.

You can see more of these kittens by following Tails from the Foster Kittens on Facebook and Connie's excellent blog. Lion was one of her 400+ fosters so, if you are looking for kittens to adopt, I can highly recommend hers.

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  1. Considering the circumstances, those are some pretty awesome photos


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