Thursday, February 2, 2017

Local Rodent Facsimile Denies Seeing Shadow

Rise and shine, campers! Etc., etc. This native Pennsylvanian enacted her state's winter tradition this morning as best she could, given the limitations of the local fauna.

Eyes closed tightly against the Groundhog Day morning sun, Possum nevertheless 
made scathing comments about the condition of our windows.

As our designated Most Reasonable Facsimile of a Groundhog, Possum refused to acknowledge his shadow, and danced with me under protest to the Andrews Sisters' rendition of "The Pennsylvania Polka."  From the murderous looks he kept giving me, I guess he prefers Frankie Yankovich's version.

Post-polka annoyance; he doesn't enjoy any GHD festivities.

At least he agreed to prognosticate, foretelling not weather but, "Four years of Hell." Then he gave me one last stink-eye before retreating to the bedroom for a sulky bath.

Unfortunately for him, this morning was also our monthly Cat Food Delivery Day, so he had to quickly adjust his attitude and return to supervise me as I stacked and stored 15 dozen cans, flattened the packing cartons and kept the plastic wrap out of Harris's mouth.

All five cats then received freeze-dried chicken-giblet treats, because I love them so much that I will handle disgusting things for them. They'd made an awful mess with those giblets on Christmas morning as we were unwrapping our presents. They were happy to chew on them but were too excited to swallow them, so they left slimy, partially reconstituted giblets on the rug. At least they were careful to leave them on parts of the design that were a similar color, so our bare feet would find the cold, gooey innards.

Around here, that passes for cooperation.


  1. Hahahaha! The image I have in my head of you stepping over chunks of innards...hoohahahaha! Possum, you did an excellent facsimile of groundhog Phil, but you are definitely better looking!


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