Monday, February 20, 2017

Signs of Spring

We've had a few days of spring-like weather that's melted most of the foot of snow we were shoveling at this time last week. We spotted these hellebores on Saturday on the sunny side of Commonwealth Avenue, the first flowers we've seen:

On that same walk (North End Pizzeria Regina) I saw the witch hazel that's been blooming in the Public Garden for a while now. This is a terrible photo because I had to plunge through slippery, melting snow to get close to it and my boots weren't up to it.

It's weird to see flowers in February; my first impression of snowdrops and hellebores is never "Oooh, flowers!" but "Uh-oh — strange, alien growths oozing from the earth!" I sometimes felt a similar disconnect when I saw kids walking home from school back in the '80s and '90s, when there weren't so many young families in Back Bay. When I'd see children from my window on Commonwealth Avenue, my brain didn't register them as "school children in uniforms" but as "remarkably tiny yuppies in preppy outfits." A split second later I could correct myself; my next thought was usually that I needed to get out of Back Bay more often because it was too homogeneous.

These days, it's the magnolias and rhododendrons that are weird — they have had their buds since late summer. I'm not sure what they are going to look like when they finally bloom, which could be any time now if this warming pattern continues. Will they look wrinkly and tired? Will they still be wearing their Hillary buttons? Or will they just decide not to bloom at all as a protest because people will still have their Christmas wreaths up?

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  1. flowers? how nice. I bet you'll be seeing robins soon. We still have a good solid foot of snow up here..


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