Thursday, February 9, 2017

Snow Day

The first big snow of the winter arrived today — a nor'easter, complete with a bit of thunder and lightning in case we weren't paying attention. We were prepared. We were stocked with food and had no commitments to take us outside.

Possum knows how to live and continues to be a great inspiration to me. (When you can't be in Maine, bed is often the next best thing.)

The snow is coming down hard right now as it has since this morning. It's been a perfect day for hunkering down and hibernating. Also for eating soup (Hungarian mushroom), lounging, baking (pumpkin bread with chocolate chips, pecans, and raisins), reading and rereading (Boston Adventure by Jean Stafford), and procrastinating (going through the papers on my desk).

Later there will be homemade pizza and more procrastinating.


  1. Pizza on national pizza day.. I like it.

    Best way to get through a snowstorm is a nap

  2. Guess I'm a weirdo...I like to stand outside in a snowstorm, and listen to the quiet noise. Possum has the right idea, tho'...letting it all hang out with his foofoo in the air, and no cares in the world!


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