Friday, March 31, 2017

An Early School Group Tour at the MFA

This photo (undated, photographer unknown) was taken some time after the Museum of Fine Arts moved from Copley Square to its current home in The Fenway in 1909. An enlargement hangs in the corridor around the museum's rotunda with several other historical photos.

Judging from the clothing, I'm guessing this photo is from about 1912 to 1916, mainly because the adults' skirts are long and the hats are small. It's interesting that many of the girls are wearing shoes instead of boots. (If you can date this more accurately, please let me know!)

I like to imagine that these girls are from the Winsor School, an easy walk across the Fenway. And that maybe Janet and Ruth Sabine are in the group. It's possible, but I'll never know.

I continue to think about the Sabines, who lived (and died) in my building from 1909 to 1950, all the time.

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  1. OH! I forgot to tell you that I've done some research on our old house, and the former owners all have interesting stories to tell! The original owner (bought the land in 1883, but no records until the 1896/7 city directory) met an unfortunate end by dying in an insane asylum. A later owner was a prominent citizen of our fair city, but he tried to commit suicide and died at the hospital the next day. I am still looking at records about a couple of fire dept visits to the house; hope to find blurbs in the local newspapers. There have been surprisingly few owners of the property, and my husbands family has owned it since 1955; we moved in and bought it in 1992 as a temporary location...LOL!


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