Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Harris at Loose Ends

Harris has been bored and crabby every morning since Lion ate the string on his Growly — his beloved pole toy. He tortures me by alternately clawing our winter coats and knocking things off my desk. I inevitably give in and he'll play halfheartedly with whatever I've got to offer. A couple of days ago, I decided to get out the cats' nylon tunnel, an entertainment that usually appears when we're going away on vacation. We also played with the fleece ribbon, which so far seems to be inedible.

Harris had a decent time but he wasn't growling in glee:

It got better:


  1. Harris may have found a new favorite toy! We have the same toy; it has surprising action, and you are right...doesn't look very edible.

  2. the last photo is fantastic. That smile. Those teeth! Too handsome for words.


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