Tuesday, April 4, 2017


By Sunday, I'd thought that my laptop and phone were back to normal. But I was an April Fool.

About a quarter of my 40,000 photos are missing in iCloud, and the older photos I do have are misbehaving. Apple Support insisted that I upgrade my laptop to the newest operating system before they could help me solve the problem. So I did, reluctantly.

It was a big mistake.

More later. I'm trying to do a full back-up, save all the old back-ups (that want to erase themselves), find those missing photos, and figure out a better way to store them so that they never disappear on my again. (Ha.)  Then I plan to regress my laptop back to the older OS, which runs more smoothly on my 7-year-old machine. Even Apple thinks this is a good idea. (Ha.)

This is the photo that made me realize I was in trouble:

I took this in 2013, and it should be sharp at the usual size here. But something happened to the large, original file. This is as big as it gets. At least it still exists.


  1. Oh noes! Here's hoping you get everything back, and in it's proper size. Cute photo of a silly kitty!

  2. I lost a number of photos from 2002-2003 when Jack and Muffin were babies.. I'm still hoping they are in a folder in a folder in a folder somewhere.. and I'm afraid to go look because right now I have hope they are still out there

  3. I empathize with your Apple woes. I feel (and others have said this, too) that since the success of the iPod and then the iPhone, Apple has become a mass-market company that isn't interested in producing the best computers any more. In any case, I can't/won't upgrade my OS on a 2013 MacBook Air because even Apple agrees it couldn't handle it. But I'm going to be forced soon to get a new laptop (and already got a refurbished desktop from Apple a couple of months ago, which seems to be a lot more robust and stable than the laptops). Hang in there....


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