Saturday, April 15, 2017

In the Public Garden

Back Bay is all spiffed up so it looks good on TV during the Marathon. The streets have been cleaned, spring bulbs are blooming in gardens, urns, and windowboxes, and the swan boats are back in the Public Garden, floating on what was only a pond-sized mud hole last week.

I went by and took the usual, boring shot:

After all, it's always nice to see them in April after months of looking at the mud hole. 

Then I walked toward Charles Street and ran into Jesus. I knew Him right away because of the crown of thorns, the shepherd's crook . . .

And the rollerblades: 

We were happy to see each other. It had been a while (since high school, to be honest), and we hadn't been keeping in touch. 

This was on Thursday, so I reminded Him that He had a dinner date and an appointment at the Garden of Gethsemane later. So He was in the wrong garden. (I always try to help visitors find their way around my city.)

He skated a tight, graceful circle around me as we talked, and confessed that He had no idea where He was supposed to be going next. "I should read the Bible. I actually don't know a thing," He said, looking deeply into my eyes in that Jesus way of His.

I said it made no difference, really, because the story turns out okay for Him in the end.


  1. I'm here for the marathon!! Staying at the Park Plaza Hotel. I wish I had run into roller blade Jesus - you're a lucky lady.


    Had breakfast sandwiches from Mike & Patty's this morning. What an awesome spot. So happy to be here in Beantown, a place I feel like I know so well thanks to you.

  2. The rollerblading Jesus was also spotted near Causeway St by the Garden:

  3. I hope He was wearing knee pads, 'cause I know if I was on rollerblades, I'd want padding on anything that would probably hit the pavement.


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