Sunday, April 30, 2017

Remember Me?

Tomorrow morning I have an appointment at the Apple Genius Bar. I will arrive at 10:15 and will pack food, water, and stuff to read since I plan to stay until closing if that's what it takes to get my laptop back to normal. All week I've been dealing with two Apple Support Specialists in Sacramento — I have team now, and this is quite rare! — but we still don't know what's wrong, just that many things are wrong. My photos are still corrupted and everything is as slow as molasses. I may need a new battery, too.

I installed some diagnostic software the other day and then spent four hours (until 2 am) trying and failing to upload it to Apple. I was finally able to do it after six more attempts the next day. I can't wait to hear what the engineers have to say.  I probably won't know in time for my appointment tomorrow because I couldn't get it to them soon enough but, boy, did I try.

I look forward to not writing about my problems and showing you some of the many photos I've been taking lately. It's Spring, like it or not, and there are flowers and sunsets to be admired, and so on.

All of the cats are extremely well, I'm happy to report. Possum occasionally pays attention to me these days, and I am properly grateful.

In addition to being nearly finished with The Age of Innocence, I am both pleased and chagrined to report that it is finally January in Old New Yorker Land. I'm making progress because I decided not to read anything that's Trump-related. I already get plenty up-to-date news from the New York Times, Boston Globe, Washington Post, and Rachel Maddow.

Although I can't show you new photos, I have archives of old blog photos sitting around gathering virtual dust. So I unearthed a photo from a favorite post from April 2014, of Toffee reading Indiana Authors and their Books (don't ask) by osmosis, demonstrating how cats learn.


  1. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you and the Apple folks! I visited my local store a week ago, and I would have walked out of there with all of their toys, if I had any $$ in the bank account! Found out that my hard drive may be on it's last legs, and it's from 2009. Enough memory, but it's all slow. Good luck!

  2. good luck with the geniuses (and smart idea to pack supplies)


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