Monday, May 22, 2017

Connie Has Kittens, But Not for Long

Connie, Lion's foster mom and author of Tails from the Foster Kittens, invited us to meet Sherlock and Watson, her latest fosters. We were their first visitors, and Connie was curious to see what they would do when confronted with two strange humans.

Sherlock is an orange tabby (Mr. Holmes is always a redhead). Watson, his loyal sidekick, is a tuxedo, with a tiny white tip of a "tail light."

These kittens remind me more of the modern Cumberbatch/Freeman duo on PBS that the characters as written in the Conan Doyle stories. Furry Watson has a mind of his own and doesn't take any guff. He is a good match for furry Sherlock, who is "high-octane" and a rambunctious, as some kittens are. Watson doesn't hesitate to leap on Sherlock to wrestle for the slightest provocation, or none. They're kittens. (I've had kittens who just wanted to sit around and read books, but not many.) And, like all Sherlocks, but Cumberbatch in particular, this one really hates to be bored. If he could shoot a pistol at the walls in the foster room, he would. He contents himself with attacking everything.

They are also photogenic. I had a hard time choosing photos and I went overboard here:

Connie told us these kittens didn't seem very cuddly, but they were soon purring loudly for us and crawling into our laps. Both of them curled up in my husband's arms and he was smitten.

So we can testify that these are fabulous kittens: affectionate, confident, playful, bright, and healthy. It would be great if they could be adopted together as their personalities are such a good match. I've always said that Connie makes the very best kittens . . . so if you know anyone who is looking, let her know. Be sure to visit her blog, above, where you can see many more photos.

Better act fast, though: these boys will be neutered tomorrow and will be available at the shelter for adoption very soon after that. (If you want them but can't get to Maine, rescue-kitten transport can often be arranged around this great catty country of ours.)

Connie knows how to massage kittens so they go limp in her arms, all blissed out:

It was hard to leave them! 


  1. it was hard leaving them at the shelter this morning

  2. These two are just adorable. They make my day.

    Emma and Buster

  3. What beautiful pictures of beautiful kittens!

  4. OH! Love having another dose of Sherlock and Watson, and I think they'll be adopted quickly...and together! Connie has a terrific blog, and she posted that she had had visitors.


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