Thursday, May 4, 2017

On West Cedar Street

The prettiest street on Beacon Hill is a debatable topic, but West Cedar Street is certainly a contender. And it may be the winner because it has Rouvalis, the prettiest flower shop in Boston:

This is where Beacon Hill buys floral bling at premium prices. And I don't blame them, especially when hydrangeas are in season.

I'm taking mostly square photos nowadays because I'm finally on Instagram as properbostonian. It gave me something to do when I couldn't post photos here and I find I'm paying more attention as I walk around the city as I don't want to miss a nice shot. But the square-format has its limitations. (Mostly to the right and the left. But sometimes at the top and the bottom.)

Sometimes it's just fine:

Look at those hyacinths. I can almost smell them now. Of course, all of these flowers are toxic to cats so we can have any. Harris saves us so much money.

If you want to see Rouvalis flowers in action, continue down West Cedar and check out all the amazing window boxes; I just shot one, below. I think Rouvalis plants and maintains them for some owners:

Then there's the house just around the corner from the shop, on Pinckney Street with boxes of hydrangeas in every window:

Do you suppose they get a nice discount for providing so much great advertising?


  1. Beautiful images! How did you get your Instagram linked to your blog?

    1. I added it as a gadget. I wish I could remember where I got the link gibberish. I probably googled it and found it on the web, since I couldn't find it, or instructions, on Instagram just now.


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