Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Recent Adorableness: Lion

Lion and Wendy share this convertible cat bed, which can pop up to have walls and a roof, a sherpa sleeping area, and two round openings — if anyone liked it that way. They like it smooshed into a regular bed. We refer to it as "the cozy." 

Wendy looks just a cute in it as Lion, but she gets wary if I try to photograph her, so you'll have to take my word for it. 

Just as we're turning off the heat (and dreaming of central air-conditioning), Lion is getting his winter coat, as usual, which leads me to think he's Australian by way of Maine. Of all the cats, he has the silkiest fur by far; we can easily identify him in middle of the night when he comes to visit. And now his coat is thicker and more luxurious than ever, and all wrong for the season.

I always worry that he'll have a miserable summer in this too-hot apartment, and then we all do. But he doesn't learn: his long white ruff is back, as are the funny, crimpy ridges in the thick fur on the top of his head. I think they give him a certain silent-screen-idol aura, since those fellows were black-and-white, too. 

We are all enjoying the unusually cool May weather and hoping it continues for just a few more . . . months. Oh, well.

I'm really the only one fretting. Cats take everything one day at a time. We could learn from them.

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  1. It is not hot today momma.. I'm good :) (and silent-screen-idol totally fits him)


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