Saturday, May 13, 2017

Seen at Brimfield

I introduced an old friend to Brimfield Antiques Fair on Tuesday. It was opening day for the spring fair, which I think is the best of the three annual shows, at least weather-wise. She had items to sell, so we didn't have time to wander as much as we would have liked. We didn't make it to some of my favorite fields, where the dealers try to outdo each other in creating the most surreal juxtapositions of strange merchandise. I missed them.

But we still had apple fritters, French fries, and a good time. And I took a few photos.

The guy standing behind this gun-toting, whiskey-packing toad is apparently Metal Sculpture Joe. He was pleased when I complimented him on his amphibian. "Hey, good for you. Nobody gets that it's a toad," he said. "Of course it's a toad," I replied. "Only toads drink Jack Daniels."

Who couldn't use a spare set of keys? As long as we aren't fussy about them actually working . . .

As I explained to my friend, an old canning jar filled with rusty springs is a quintessential Brimfield item, particularly when it can be purchased in multiples:

Why stop at buying one? You can display several of these indispensable items in a rustic crate, comme ├ža:

How ever many you want, they're yours:

Brimfield is still open tomorrow although it will probably be raining buckets. At least you won't have to worry about your springs getting rustier. (FYI: these were close to the red postcard barn at the very end of the road.)

This was just too awful to resist:

He could be the next head of the FBI. And there will be worse candidates . . . .

I didn't see the dealers that specialize in creepy Christmas decor but I did find a few suspect Santas:

And we saw lots of old dolls. These two have been through a lot and shouldn't be separated:

These two, on the other hand, look like trouble:

They could star in an animated French version of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? One has no body at all, so she would have the Joan-Crawford-in-a-wheelchair role.

While we were at the fair, I met up with another old friend who collects girandoles. (That link will send you to eBay, which will show you a large number of girandoles, but perhaps not as many as he has.) He was lugging two late-Victorian sets in a rolling cart; they have marble bases and are heavy. He was pondering buying a third set that he said was older and nicer, so I helped him talk himself into it before we went our separate ways. (I don't ever remember noticing any girandoles at Brimfield —perhaps because he goes to ever fair at dawn on opening day and snaps them all up.)

These dolls were so tiny that their box would easily fit in the palm of your hand, but look at how much personality they have:

This typewriter is powder-coated in British racing green, which might subconsciously uge one to type faster. Check out that fresh-looking two-color ribbon. It's raring to go:

I didn't see enough juxtapositions of bizarre items to satisfy me, but there was this. I'm not sure what the message is, but it may be an Ode to the value of metal recycling.

I was tempted to buy this framed collection of bottle caps ($22) but I realized I didn't have any place to put it. I walked away, knowing I'd never see them again. And then I realized that we don't have any framed bottle caps! So I will have to live forever with the knowledge that our home is incomplete.

I wanted to go back to Brimfield today with my husband but the forecast was for rain, so we traipsed around the SoWa Market instead. And froze. I hope we will be able to go to the next fair, in July. But I won't see any bottle caps or girandoles.

PS: What did I buy? A nice old cat postcard for $2.50. I'll photograph it later.

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  1. What an odd, eclectic collection of stuff. Dad especially loves some of the eerie dolls. Before he met mom and got normal he collected such things. Says he could've produced his own American Horror Story intro with the sh*t he collected. Happy Mom's Day to y'all.


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