Saturday, May 6, 2017

The Nightly Nom

Last night I did an experiment to see if I could take close-ups of Lion and Wendy while they ate. It was easy. Lion is only skittish about strange noises at mealtime; I was quiet and he was fine:

Lion loves Weruva chicken:

But I was surprised to find that Wendy is oblivious to her Evil Mommy when her nose is in her bowl:

My camera and evil hands were just inches away:

My presence did not deter Possum from stealing food from Wendy. In these photos I am quietly calling his name in my stern Professor McGonagall voice, which he ignores, as you can see:

At least he had the decency not to do his other trick, which is to move the dish away from her so it's under his own nose. But nevertheless he persisted and she left:


  1. Oh, naughty Possum! Love the bowls that you use for the kitty's food; they look like ceramic or Corningware.

  2. Fleurp tries to do that paw trick, she often gets bopped for her attempts


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