Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Up Close and Personal with Lion

I have insomnia, and I'm at the point where it feels normal to be awake much of the night. I enjoy having company at all hours. and it's often Lion:

He talks in a quiet voice until he settles down on top of me, inches from my head, for petting and that kind of silent, purring, wide-ranging conversation one can only have with cats. I get a lot of wet nose kisses, too, which I don't mind nearly as much as my husband minds Lion biting his chin. "You need grooming," I tell him. "Lion thinks you need a shave."

I've been running around for the past few days but things will settle down after I get back from Brimfield today. I'm going with a friend who's never been there and I hope she has a high tolerance for surreal displays because I hope to roam around and photograph as usual.

Tonight, I need to watch Victorian Slum House! Gosh, what could be better? It's on PBS, of course, and I don't know what time yet. I knew nothing about this until another friend told me about it yesterday. I missed the first episode but it's bound to be on the website.

My new laptop arrived yesterday but it's still in its box. In the meantime time, my old one is behaving beautifully. Sigh.


  1. Don't be afraid of the new laptop! You know the old one is going to give you fits again someday...you know it! Lion is a gorgeous kitty, and I am quite envious of you having cats to sleep with at night; neither Angel nor Chuck will join us in bed...only a jump-up-jump-down once in awhile.

  2. Victorian Slum House? now that sounds interesting..


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