Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Wet Sidewalks

My new laptop is ready to go (although I still need to bend it to my will customize it in about 83 ways to make it more palatable). But my old laptop is still working decently. So they are sharing my desk and so far not hissing or growling at each other. 

It rained a lot last week but I went out anyway and rediscovered that old truth that wet sidewalks look much better than dry ones. This seems to be especially true in Boston because we have brick. Our good-looking sidewalks were featured at the end of almost every episode of Ally McBeal, as I recall, when Ally would ruminate on her life as she walked home from work to her Beacon Hill loft (I know) along beautiful, shiny wet "Boston" streets.

Wet slate or bluestone in the courtyard at the Boston Public Library:

This was a very crowded scene yesterday, when it was sunny and warm:

Marlborough Street, where the brick facades turn darker when wet, too:

Harvard Yard, where a red chestnut was blooming:


  1. Ally McBeal....I loved that show! Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Haven't been to Boston yet, but your posts are like postcards from Boston's visitors bureau!


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