Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Where the Boys Are

It's high time for a little catch-up on the cats.

I got hit with a head cold last week and used the fever and chills as an excuse to hang out and read in bed for a day. I had good company:

That's a blurry shot; remember, I had a cold. Everything about me was blurry that day.

Possum and Harris are very close. I've seen Possum licking everyone's head recently, but Harris gets special attention. He is still Possum's kitten.

Harris remains the Most Important Cat for us, too. We just finished up a play session where everyone chased a Neko Flies bug, although Lion just wanted to eat the string and earn himself another endoscopy. Harris considers all toys to be his alone. He will run into the bedroom because he prefers to chase the toy around on the bed. If I ignore him and play with the other cats in the living room. He will run back in, make sure I see him, and dash back to the bedroom. Then I obey. Harris chooses where we will play, not me.

Possum is paying more attention to me these days. I am encouraging this by giving him treats and anything he asks me for. When I make the bed, he lies on the coverlet and enjoys being dragged around on it, so we do that for a while in lieu of actually making the bed. I yank the coverlet every which way while he goes for a little ride. When we stop, I ask him to purr or give me another sign that he's having fun, but he just he stares at me until I start up again.

Possum and Lion have recently discovered cornbread, and they are as enthusiastic as we are and they eagerly lick up every crumb, just as we do. Since Possum loves popcorn and Lion eats corn-on-the-cob, we figured they were good candidates. (The other three are not adventurous eaters.) 

We think Trader Joe's cornbread mix is delicious, although I may try a scratch recipe or two if we ever get tired of it, and I can't begin to imagine that. (Definitely use whole milk with the mix. I used only skim for a long time because that's all we drank. Whole milk makes a noticeably richer and creamier bread. This winter we started using whole milk in our tea and switched to one-percent for drinking, which still feels incredibly decadent after decades of skim.)

Speaking of food, I continue to enjoy my popularity at dinner time: 

I love having everyone together in the kitchen and it's a pleasure to watch them all chow down. I'm grateful every day that we have five healthy, happy cats with good appetites, and that we can afford to feed them good food. (I still need to start feeding some raw, I know....) I even enjoy lecturing Possum to keep his nose and grabby paws out of everyone else's dish until they're finished and he can do clean-up. Sometimes he is so persistent that I resort to gently smacking at his head with a piece of paper, but this has almost no effect.

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