Saturday, June 3, 2017

A Bit of Holiday Cheer

We saw this on the sidewalk in Beacon Hill the other day, during our exercise walk:

It's hard to part with old friends but sometimes it's for the best. (I wonder if their fridge is still full of Thanksgiving leftovers. And I hope we don't come across their Halloween pumpkins next.)

As I wondered about who left it there and imagining where it came from, I instantly began to feel better about my own mediocre housekeeping skills. I was even inspired to dust and polish some silver. And then I actually did those things. Usually I sit down and wait a minute or two, and those feelings pass.

I nagged you months ago to eradicate all signs of holiday decorations, and I'll bet you followed through, mostly.* So I hope this photo helps you to feel righteous, magnificent, and organized.

We've taken another walk or two on that street since, and I can report that the tree is gone — although a fluorescent green trash-violation ticket appeared in its place.

* I ought to confess that we just finished our bottle of Williams-Sonoma holiday-scented dish soap the other day, but what were we supposed to do? Put it away until next year? I enjoy the scent; it reminds me of the cologne my sister's boyfriend wore in the '70s.

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