Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Maine in June

Harris, not pleased that we packed our bags.

We are headed to Mount Desert Island this morning. I packed four swimsuits and my down jacket — a first for a "summer" vacation. Maine's June weather will test my claim to be a hardy (but transplanted) New Englander.

You rarely us hear hardy New Englanders bragging about how well we handle heat waves. This one doesn't handle them well at all. Our new air conditioner has been a lifesaver for the past three days of 90+ temperatures, quiet enough to permit sleeping. Boston became an oven, and I was a drippy, cranky, dehydrated mess. But now the weather will be cooler for the week, and it will barely top 60 in Southwest Harbor for the next week or so.

Toffee, staying cool.

I already miss the cats. We are going to away on three trips in the next few weeks, so the apartment is strewn with boxes, packing paper, a tunnel, and loads of toys. But the cats are going to miss us and I feel bad about it, no matter how much I remind myself that our cat sitter is attentive and that, being a quintet, they are plenty of company for each other.

I'm not sure if I will be posting very often up there, but I will try. Lupines will be blooming and maybe there will still be lilacs and rhododendrons. And we hope there will be popovers even this early.


  1. really? it is going to be that cold? cause my weather says it is going to be nice and warm today and for the next few days. Granted, yesterday was down jacket weather


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