Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Maine in Massachusetts: Brr!

O, the joys of wearing boots, sock, jeans, and sweaters in June! It's been a record-breaking chilly few weeks in Boston, but the city is green and flowering so, to me, it's the best of all possible worlds.

Flannel sheets, a down comforter, warming cups of tea. Using the oven without worrying about turning the entire apartment into an oven.

It's been rainy, but we have rubber boots for that, and it's been so good for the trees, which suffered last year from a drought.

In short: Massachusetts has turned into Maine — "The Way Life Should Be," as they say (although they do have Governor LePage).

As  you can see above, our bedroom feels a little like Maine all the time. Possum has embraced this idea, and dedicates himself to being on permanent vacation. (Not that he understands the concept of "work.")

I like that little pillow so much that I just ordered another from The Moody Mermaid (Main Street, Southwest Harbor) in a shade of gray-green that is a better match for my various paisley duvets. I guess this red pillow will end up in the living room, where there are currently no signs of Maine.

While we're in the bedroom, you might as well see my fireplace, since I polished the silver recently and did a thorough dusting:

I like "controlled clutter" on my mantels, which is lucky because this is the only surface in the apartment where the cats don't go that isn't above eye level. So I can keep my glass paperweight collection here, and fresh flowers. 

I have no idea why the cats don't go up here, so I'm not convinced they won't ever decide to explore, so I get either roses or sunflowers, which aren't toxic. The paperweights are on their own.

The cool weather is not supposed to last past this week, so we broke down and bought a second air conditioner last night. The heat wave of a few weeks ago was a miserable three days. Possum & Co. need to be able to relax in cool comfort, as do we.



  1. You have a delightful room, and of course you must keep yourselves and the kitties in comfort. This time of year, one wears layers of clothes, to take off or add on as needed. Sometimes it's really cold in the shade, but in the blazing sun...toasty!

  2. You polished the sliver? I hope not because I said I might stop by ;)

    1. I polished it because I saw what it looked like under the dust, and then I had no choice!

  3. we had a hot few days now it is cooler again (yay - open windows)


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