Friday, June 30, 2017

Maine Souvenirs

I bought a real-fur mouse for Harris at the Winter Harbor 5&10. It was $2.89 and he liked it, as you can see. I wish they'd had more than one, but I can probably find these elsewhere. I generally avoid real-fur and feather toys, and I've found that Wendy, Lion, and Possum actually prefer fake-fur mice. But Harris adores his real-fur "growlies" and he must be indulged.

I bought some other good stuff at the store:

  • A pack of super balls, mainly for Toffee. I made the mistake of rolling them all at him at once and he fled to a safe distance. Then we went away for two days. I have only seen one of them.
  • A bag of coin rolls for my husband's loose change, which he piles in an antique salad bowl. I deal with this once a year or so, during football games, but MSNBC news shows could be a good alternative. I only pay attention to football out of loyalty to my husband, who is glued to the set on Sundays from August to February, but neither of us is happy with Mr. Kraft these days, so maybe we'll do the right thing and skip football this year. HA!
  • A pack of clear, colorless plastic toothbrushes (I haven't used any other kind since high school and they are very hard to find. I know this is weird; it started when I saw a Pearl Drops ad and was taken by the beautiful simplicity of a transparent toothbrush. Nowadays, I usually only find these in Paris pharmacies and I stock up. Which I'm about to go and do . . . but these were so cheap! They are so cheap, they will probably dissolve in my mouth.
  • A pack of clear, colorless plastic furniture coasters, which didn't work under our steamer trunk after all. I was hoping they'd stop it from scratching the floor when I vacuum. The worst part of vacuuming is lifting, pushing, and dragging the furniture. Or maybe it's cleaning our old, ratty, Persian rugs, which need multiple "scrubbings" to remove layers of cat hair. Actually, putting the furniture back is probably the worst thing because it all has to be placed just right or we'll bang into it in this small apartment. Using the crevice tool is also no fun at all. Nor is vacuuming under the sofa cushions, since we have a baggy slipcover. I also hate doing the bathroom because it's tight quarters in there. It think the only decent part of vacuuming is the being done part. On the other hand, I hate putting the vacuuming cleaner back in our little closet, too. Anyway, we are prepared for coaster emergencies now.
  • A packet of lupine seeds for the innkeepers. There are supposed to be red and yellow ones included with the usual purple, pink, and white, and we're all skeptical yet hopeful.
  • A bottle of soap bubbles for entertainment at my Dad's 103rd birthday party at the nursing home last weekend, in Pennsylvania. My Dad liked them, and there was a toddler there who loved them. Pretty much everyone was into them until they started dissolving on the printed photos we were passing around and the birthday cupcakes. 

I have to go pack for another trip. I'm going to Paris tomorrow and I'm trying to muster up enthusiasm, both for packing and traveling. I'd really prefer to stay home with the cats, which I realize is not a normal response to a trip to Paris. It's a business trip for my husband so I will be doing my usual routine of wandering around alone during the day, going from one patisserie to the next. I hope my attitude will improve when I get there, assuming I survive the flights. (We have to change planes at 4 am in Ireland.) It didn't help that I read several comments about the plane we're taking that insisted it was the most uncomfortable plane EVER. Except, perhaps, for the plane we're taking home. 

More later.


  1. Yep, we can tell that Harris is delighted with his mouse; he's got it positioned just so! Maybe you can hit some art museums in Paris; that's where I'd go first! Hope you both have fun!

  2. it would be my response to a trip to Paris..

    and I adore super balls. I have a collection if you happen to need additional ones :)


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