Thursday, June 8, 2017

Possum and Toffee Have a Talk

These two spend time together but aren't the best of friends:

Toffee: "Why are they watching the news for hours every night? They never did that before." 
Possum: "It's strange. Maybe House of Cards got too complicated for them. They have such simple little minds." 

Toffee: "But the news is so boring. All they do is talk, and show other people talking. Blah, blah blah. They never show any food. Nobody ever eats ribs." 
Possum: "Yeah, it's like watching the radio. But you missed that guy from Montana the other night. He thought he was in the NFL or something."

Toffee: "At least there was that Downton Abbey Weddings show on Sunday. They didn't show any of the duck-hunting scenes, but it reminded me anyway."
Possum: "Yes! That was something! I've loved Downton ever since I was a kitten. It was great to see Sir Robert Crawley again. Isn't he marvelous? Don't you think he looks and sounds exactly like me?"

Toffee: "Uh . . .  hmm.  Oh, yes, yes! I do see the resemblance, especially around your nose. The way you both look down it."
Possum: "Good. I was going to bite you if you disagreed."

Toffee: "You'll bite me anyway. You bite me a lot, on the most ridiculous pretexts. Why do you chomp on me and never anyone else?"
Possum: "I can't help it. I have a sweet tooth and they never leave cookies lying around. They shouldn't have named you Toffee."


  1. Oh no, Toffee! Possum, stop chewing on Toffee!
    You are both ridiculously adorable, handing out and conversing. In high school, our teacher made watching the news, and reading the newspaper, part of our daily homework. He also taught us how to do our income taxes, and to balance a checkbook. Oh, yeah...all that boring stuff about legislative, judicial and executive branches of the government, blah blah blah ;-)

  2. I think you need to make ribs for your kitties


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