Thursday, June 29, 2017

Postcards from Maine: The Claremont

When we're in Southwest Harbor, we always pay a visit to the Claremont, which still looks very much as it did in the 19th century. It opened in 1884 to house well-bred "rusticators," the early summer visitors who came to Mount Desert Island to climb, hike, ride, swim, canoe, sketch, paint, socialize, and revel in fresh air and gorgeous scenery.

It was another foggy, cool day when I took this photo of the water side of the hotel from the old wooden ramp to their dock.

Usually, there's a beautiful view of Somes Sound, but not that day:

The porch overlooking the Sound is lined with old rocking chairs. It's also a prime spot to view the hotel's neatly groomed croquet courts, which are used for tournaments and well as casual games.

Inside, the public rooms seem furnished much as they might have been a century ago, or more:

The library has been added to over the years but not "edited" as much as you'd expect. It's full of old treasures/. And it's still almost entirely "improving literature," although you'll see a Stephen King novel there, because he's on the home team.

We say we'd like to spend a night or two here, mainly to play croquet and to check out the rooms. They have been updated over the years, of course, but still have their old-fashioned summer-hotel style, with simple furniture and crisp white curtains and bedspreads. But we are far too attached to our inn and its innkeepers and its pool and hot tub. Maybe someday.


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  1. I see a book shelf stacked with books, and I'm drawn to it! Just like seeing a cat, in a window or sitting on a porch...I will wave and make smoochie noises!


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