Sunday, June 25, 2017

Postcards from Maine: Jordan Pond, But Popovers Elsewhere

Our one sunny day turned cloudy by early afternoon as we took our annual walk around Jordan Pond.

The iconic view of the Bubbles, two peaks in Acadia National Park.

This is a 3.3-mile walk, with pond views for the whole circuit.

The walk around the pond is partly a gravel trail and partly boardwalk, with a couple of short stretches over rocks. I've done it in flip flops, which is foolish but doable. This year I finally found some sneakers (Tretorn) that don't bother me much.

We saw a loon but didn't get good photos. Here are some seagulls having a party instead.

The most interesting sight turned out to be a fellow hiker in a wedding dress:

Afterward, we planned to have popovers at the Jordan Pond House, as is traditional. However, it is early in the season and there were no tables out on the lawn, only in the dining room, which is often noisy and feels kind of "generic" to me, and the "swoop," which is our preferred spot, a screened porch where you have the Bubbles view, shade, and breezes, but no bugs or bees. As we made our reservation we asked for a table on the swoop, and they asked us if we had a dog. We said, "NO!" emphatically. And then they told us that only people with dogs get to sit on the swoop nowadays. 

What?? Anti-felinism in Acadia National Park? Do we need to go to Rent-a-Dog to eat popovers in peace?

So we bagged it and went over to the Asticou Inn and had popovers there instead. We sat under an umbrella on the porch overlooking Northeast Harbor. Their popovers are perfect and the whole experience is completely lovely. Civilized. Gracious. Old-fashioned. Delicious. Plus, of course, their popovers come with all sorts of toppings, whereas Jordan Pond House serves only butter and strawberry jam. 

Our server remembered us enthusiastically from last year  — and we were hoping she'd be around again, too. She brought us both kinds of blueberry jam, butter and housemade lemon curd without our asking. It was heaven.

I like to combine as many toppings as possible on my popovers, to create Abstract Expressionist compositions. All of my work explores themes of happiness, indulgence and calories well spent. 

We ate every scrap of everything, waddled to the car, and drove back to the inn to read in the hot tub for the rest of the afternoon. (I'm pleased to report that it's finally May in Old New Yorker land.)


  1. Wow, how did I miss this post? Gorgeous photos...and what's with the hiking bride?


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