Thursday, June 29, 2017

Postcards from Maine: Odds and Ends

It's strange to be looking at postcards from Maine when we are just back from a short trip to Pennsylvania and are heading out again with our suitcases on Saturday. I don't like cramming all this travel into a few short weeks, and neither do the cats. They are basking in our attention and we are feeling guilty for abandoning them yet again. I'm especially worried about the July 4 fireworks, which terrify them, since we won't be here to talk them out of their hiding places when the booms are finished.

Maine feels like a long time ago. And why do I feel like I need a vacation? Here are the last postcards.

This is pronounced something like Hobbabobba. (Even in Serbian: I overheard one of the Serbian innkeepers talking about it.)

A thread display in Winter Harbor's 5&10. They also zippers and ribbon in a rainbow of shades. Try finding these in Boston now that Windsor Button is long gone.

Winter Harbor is on the Schoodic Peninsula:

A house in Winter Harbor:

Shrub lilac on a wooden fence in Southwest Harbor:

The Southwest Harbor dock:

Pots outside an ice cream shop in Bar Harbor:

Camden Harbor. Check out those old sailing ships:

One of the many color-themed displays in Jo Ellen Designs, my favorite shop in Camden:

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  1. Lovely photos :) I'm sure your ones from Paris will be equally as lovely (but not more so, because.. Maine)


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