Monday, June 12, 2017

Back with My Boyfriend

After a break of a few years (yes, we've been lazy), we've resumed our exercise walks around Beacon Hill. We walk across Back Bay briskly, go through the Public Garden and long Charles Street, and then go up and down five of the steeper hills with as much energy as we can muster. Then we head back home at a more leisurely pace. The five climbing intervals all leave me puffing, sweating, and close to exhausted, so it must be doing me some good. It has gotten a little easier now that we've been doing it a few times a week, so we need to walk faster.

But on the final hill, we always stop by a couple of ground-floor apartment windows to see if my boyfriend is there. My husband is very tolerant and likes him, too. I first spotted this guy years before I last wrote about him, in 2008, so he is getting up there. I was delighted to see him after such a long time. He use to live with an orange Persian-type but he has a new, cream-colored companion, and we sometimes peer in and see them curled up together on a chair. 

The windows were open the other day, and he was right on the sill, so we had a nice little chat. We met his human once, a nice lady, but I don't remember any other details. I guess I felt a little embarrassed since I'd been having a longstanding, secret relationship with her guy. But it is what it is, and we're not breaking up.

We could still hear him meowing at us to come back from almost a block away. (It reminded us of how our wonderful Persian Snalbert used to yell at us from a screened window whenever he saw us coming down the street. He'd meow his head off until we were back in the apartment.)

Please don't tell our own cats about this guy.


  1. Oh! I never thought about it that way, but I have a few boyfriend cats in my neighborhood too! I took photos recently, and will post about them soon. This fellow is gorgeous, and how enlightened your hubby is about this kind of thing...hehehehe!

  2. Floof overdrive. I bet their house is furrball city.

  3. I hope this cutie gets to enjoy the fresh outdoors on a leash walk, or being able to run around in a grassy outdoors cat pen? Seems cruel humans have this freedom to walk out their doors, but deny it to their beloved felines. Sorry for any perceived negativity.

    Have some catching up to do to see how your house hunting is going :)


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