Friday, July 28, 2017

Brimfield Antiques Fair: The Animals

Here are some animals I saw at the July Brimfield Antiques Fair: dead, alive, and imaginary.

Let's get through the worst first: Taxidermy was a recurring motif. I grew up with it and have a high tolerance, but I had trouble with the first animal I spotted: it seems to be a decomposing boar with something blue in its foamy-looking mouth. This has to be the worst critter I've ever seen at Brimfield. The little gramophone is a winner, though:

Someone was doing big business in recycled metal animals. This is the goat collection:

A couple of armadillos and a frog with wheels:

The roosters were the best:

This lobster, about five feet tall, looked like it needed a long vacation:

I wonder where the other antler is:

Insects and fish in clear acrylic. No, thank you.

A deer trophy tucked away in a corner:

Many dealers bring their dogs:

I see maybe one cat per show. This one was not happy about its fancy collar:

This fox doesn't look happy to be stuck in a fake tree stump, or whatever it is. I hope it's not a piece of an elephant.

Cheerier foxes for the garden:

A dealer's dachshund keeps cool in the grass. It was a sultry day:

My favorite, of course: A pensive lion, with oak leaves and acorns.

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