Saturday, July 1, 2017

Happy July

I may be offline for a bit but I'll be posting again in a week or so.

We're going to Paris. For weeks, I've been in this bizarre mood, which people assure me I often get into before trips, where I'm convinced that I'd rather stay home and give myself a root canal than pack a suitcase and get on a plane. But the suitcase is mostly packed (22 pounds, and I thought I was packing lightly) and it looks like I'm really going.

I broke out in a rash late last night but it wasn't measles, plague, or shingles, as I'd hoped.

We will change planes in Dublin at 5 am, so I will finally set foot on Irish soil (or carpeting, probably), something I've always wanted to do since I had an Irish grandmother. Someday I would like to ride a Connemara pony along the coast.

I will try to post something from Paris if I survive the trip.

In the meantime, some cat photos, because cat photos are what I like best.

Harris looks like he's talking and he was:

Toffee has come to terms with his super balls. If I have time to vacuum before we leave, maybe I'll find some of them.

I'm bringing catnip toys for some French cats, and Possum and Harris discovered them in my bag. I hastily removed them to a safer place and they still had a good time sniffing my bag.


  1. I too love the 'idea' of traveling, but when actually confronted with packing and leaving my happy home, hubby and kitties...I get all wonky emotionally. You are not alone!

  2. Glad to hear there will be some French kitties in your future. I hope they say leMew


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