Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Last Postcards from Paris, I Promise

After I kept finding little notes in our Paris hotel room, I was half-tempted to start leaving them around for myself. I might even do it here at home. I could put a little sign in the cupboard. "If you smile  😀 you won't be able to stuff your face 💀with cookies 🍪."

This is the Hôtel de Sens a medieval mansion turned arts library and exhibition gallery. We walked past it in the Marais every day and kept admiring its turrets, towers and red trim. The garden is a pleasant place with all sorts of flowers.

The exhibition gallery was closed when we tried to go in.

Here's the Canal Saint-Martin. It is supposed to be a trendy area for housing and nightlife, and there are markets further along the way, but nothing was happening when I was there, early in the morning.

The Rue de Croissant had to be photographed:

Speaking of pastry:

The pistachio eclair was excellent. Why can't we get them here? We can barely get vanilla. It's unfair.

On a more wholesome note, there was a fruit stand near our hotel that had exquisite displays, priced as you would expect:

I wanted everything:

We should tie pretty ribbons on our melons:

Here is the lobby and breakfast room in our hotel. I like the odd juxtaposition duck-egg paint and blue upholstery.

Modern reliquaries with humorous tags. I would be Saint Hairball.

This pistachio eclair was not a great as the previous one but it was still better than almost any American eclair:

An exceptional Jewish food and spice shop in the Marais. The open bags of spices made it smell like the souks in Egypt:

Someone was always sitting on this point of the Ile Saint-Louis. This time there were picnics.

What did we bring home? Caramels. Tea, more tea, and extra tea. A colorful cotton scarf edged with tiny tassels. A hard-to-find Barbara Pym novel from Shakespeare & Company (I had to climb to the top of the ladder to reach it). Three of the simple, colorless toothbrushes I always buy in Paris. Chocolate-orange biscuits from Marks & Spencer, advertised on the package as "more chocolate than biscuit." A pretty, faceted and stripey mineral from the rock shop on the Ile, which I will show you later.  Three big, bright, plastic wristwatches that were a promotional gift for my husband from his colleagues — he loves them; I do not. I'd been planning to buy a certain green suede, fringed bag from Sézane, which I'd admired on their website. But when I saw it in person I didn't like it. So no big splurges, but that's okay.

Here's one last bateau-mouche before we head home and unpack, and then go west to Brimfield:

Au revoir, Paris.


  1. Pistachio eclair?!?? Never heard of such a glorious thing! It looks very beautiful & delicious.

  2. So wonderful picturesque! Are you going to show us your scarf? Were there wandering cats in Paris?

  3. Perhaps those little notes are the next phase of social media... writing out tweets by hand. The French are usually trendsetters...


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