Thursday, July 13, 2017

Postcards from Paris 1

Postcards from overseas always take a while to arrive, and I will use that fact along with lingering jet-lag as  my excuses for not posting here sooner. I took many hundreds of photos over there, which took forever to load and edit. And now I will post them in a random torrent without further ado:

Our first meal after landing: croques-monsieur and tea on a cold, rainy afternoon, as we waited for our hotel room to be ready. We were chilled and exhausted and this food was good.

Some of the local architecture on our route around the Marais:

The Seine:

We were close to the Ile Saint-Louis, which we love. This flower shop has been there forever:

My husband buys a box of caramels from La Cure Gourmande on every trip:

Dogs are worn as fashion accessories:

Most of the exterior of Notre Dame had been cleaned since we'd last seen it, and it looked strangely new without its grime:

Some of the "lovers' locks" removed from the Pont des Arts (to prevent it from collapsing under their weight) have been attached to the walls along the Seine. The locks never charmed me, and they still don't, but c'est la vie:



  1. "Dogs are worn as fashion accessories"...LOL! You have such dry humor! Great photos; have not yet visited Paris.


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