Saturday, July 15, 2017

Postcards from Paris 2

Postcards are now arriving in piles, and I'm not going to take the time to organize them.

First off, the French would have the rest of us believe that they only eat fabulous, fresh whole foods at home and in restaurants. Wrong. The myth of café au lait and a tartine (baguette with butter and/or jam) as the universal breakfast also needs to be debunked. And I can do it. 

This is just a sampling of a few cereal options at an average grocery store:

There were many other cereal varieties as outrageous as these. When the French decide to make junk food, they succeed.

They also know how to design department stores. This is the stained-glass dome ceiling of the Galeries Lafayette:

They also have a way with political posters. This one says, "Make Bullies Great Again."

This outdoor yoga class at the Louvre had an interested bystander:

Why are there no Mariage Frères tea shops in Boston, or anywhere in the United States? They have more than 400 varieties of tea and we need them:

The tea counter goes on and on . . .

Peterhof sells very fine Russian icons. porcelain, and the very best hand-painted lacquer boxes and nesting dolls:

Important sustenance: chocolate and burnt-caramel eclairs. 


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