Friday, July 21, 2017

Postcards from Paris 7: The Panda Roux

One hot day, I decided to walk to the Jardin des Plantes, imagining that it would be cool and shady. I was mistaken. Here's some of the shade I found, and there wasn't enough.

I could have walked off the paths to find more shade, but no one else was doing that and I didn't want to get even more lost ("loster"?) than I was. And I was lost. I got turned around and, when I thought I was near the exit, which I wanted badly, I found I was on the opposite side of the park,. I had a very long hot walk to get to where I needed to be, which was at a Metro stop to go home, take a shower, and drink luke-warm water.

But this bee house was pretty neat:

There's a menagerie in the garden but I didn't go in. But as I walked alongside its wall, I looked up high into the trees and spotted this sleeping critter:

It's a panda roux, or red panda or red bear-cat. It is adorable, I want one, and I think the cats would like one, too. It woke and yawned:

Then it slowly got up and started climbing higher on the poles in its habitat. Look at its ringed tail:

Check out its white-rimmed ears and face. While I think Possum and Harris would be happy to make friends with him or her, Toffee would be a little more cautious. And Lion and Wendy would probably skip the party.

It was very hot and the panda roux moved slowly. Here it's either panting, yawning, or muttering to itself:

I had to zoom my iPhone to the max to get these photos and I remember wishing that I had a better, bigger camera for these situations. And then I realized that I wouldn't enjoy lugging it around. For a camera I can keep in my pocket, maybe these shots aren't so bad.

The panda roux sat and seemed to watch me for a while. It might have been making sure I got decent photos, or perhaps it was giving me a taste of my own medicine.

Then it stretched out:

And then it dangled his feet over the pole and started another nap:

I had been hot, thirsty, cranky, lost, and tired before I saw this critter. When I saw those little dangling paws, I perked up. I got myself out of the garden and onto the Metro, bought an eclair from our local patisserie, helped myself to a few macarons from the plate in our hotel lobby, took a long shower, and then had a less precarious afternoon nap of my own.

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  1. There is nothing worse than being tired, hot and thirsty...and lost! Red Pandas are my very favorite; they are adorable!


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