Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Bandana Day

I'm declaring today Bandana Day. When the going gets tough, the tough accessorize, so we all ought to have at least one piece of colorful cloth in our wardrobes. Tie it around your neck, hatband, or purse, stick it in your pocket, or wear it on your head. Wave it in surrender, knot it into a hobo bag, or drop it strategically to make a new friend. You will certainly find a use for it and it may even take your mind off North Korea.

I gave myself an idea:

Harris agreed to model my bandana and enjoyed chewing it between takes. He felt it added to his already-considerable rakish charm, and he is all about accentuating the positive . . . and biting bandanas.

Toffee took a different approach, demonstrating its usefulness in espionage:

Bandanas may be trendy, but it's a revival of a classic, as opposed to merely being different and weird for the sake of difference and weirdness, like the cold shoulder sleeve. Until recently, basic bandanas were found in army-navy and camping stores, and pretty ones were buried amid the hankies in vintage shops.

So while they are having their moment we should stock up for the rest of our lives. I'd start with one of the beautiful basics from Madewell ($12.50), in fine, soft Indian voile, nicely hemmed, in a range of colors and block prints:

Men can usually find variations on classic bandanas at J. Crew. While there aren't many available online, they sometimes have more styles in stores:

J. Crew carries silk and cotton bandanas for women, including Liberty prints, starting at $14.50 and heading skyward for Italian silks (but, remember, one rarely has to pay full price at J. Crew):

And if you just can't wrap your brain around tying a square, J. Crew has a hefty cotton rectangle in red or navy bandana print:

I think Anthropologie has the most beautiful bandanas, in cotton ($18) or silk ($28):

I have that one, which is cotton. And now I need to check out these silk ones:

This one would be good with navy-striped tees:

This goes with nothing I own but I think it's beautiful:

Here are a few more, just because they're so pretty

If you really want to invest in bandanas, Hermès has a few 22" squares for $185:

The bandana prints seem surprisingly pedestrian for Hermès, but it's worth going to their website just to see their playful, endlessly unfolding House of Scarves, where you can admire such beauties as their reissue of the Jardin de Maharani 36" twill in new colors:

And Fleurs de Giverny:
See? It's hard to think about fabric squares and worry about North Korea at the same time. 


  1. Harris is right; the bandana DOES add to his rakish charm! And Toffee does exactly what Chucky does when I drape my Italian wool scarf around him: he hides underneath! I wear scarfs of many colors almost every day, and I still own every bandana that I accumulated as a girl: red, black, blue, grey and yellow. I used to tie them as headbands, or around my neck. Remember in the film, "Thelma and Louise"...bandanas!

  2. Thank you so much for this Perfect Post !!!

  3. oh great, now I'm thinking about North Korea again


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