Friday, August 4, 2017

Postcards from a Lake House: Inside and Out

Here are some photos of a beautiful house on a lake that we visited last weekend:

A long, sloping lawn takes you from the house down to the lake, through a stand of tall old pines. A stone wall is the backdrop for a very colorful and interesting garden:

Coneflowers (echinacea) are my new favorite flower:

A view of the lake from the lawn:

There's a boathouse right on the water, with a porch where you can sit and watch the boats go by.

Here's another spot to sit and view the lake:

We liked to read and doze in these antique rockers on the porch:

Off the kitchen, this stone terrace overlooks the woodsy property along one side of the house:

A close-up of some of the pots:

The house was recently renovated to be a larger, year-round home. Every detail was carefully thought through, and the results are beautiful but always comfortable and unpretentious.

There's a lofty new living room that uses wood recycled from an antique New England barn:

The original living room  has a rustic fireplace and is now the library:

I packed a book and a couple of old New Yorkers in my weekend bag and discovered that the house is filled with good books and New Yorkers. What was I thinking?

The vision for the renovation was "Arts & Crafts meets Shaker." The dining room feels timeless, warm, and welcoming, with simple furnishings, a stunning rug, and a Scandinavian chandelier to add sparkle.

At dinnertime, you can see the blue evening light on the lake from the windows:

And there were candles everywhere, which made us wish that our cats were not so flammable:

I can't show you the kitchen because all of my photos show someone working or munching. But here's one of several pretty guest rooms, furnished with antiques and quilts (these are from L.L. Bean). There are paneled walls in many rooms, preserved from the original house:

I'll have more photos from our visit tomorrow.


  1. thank you for sharing these pictures- the home is lovely, and the gardens, lawn, dock, lake--I am envious of your time there! Anne C.

  2. Goodness, what a lovely home! If they ever need someone to house sit.. *hopeful look*

  3. Wow, what a wonderful place to stay, or even visit. I would love staying there. So peaceful. I love the high chair rail in the dining room.


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